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Bipolar electrodes
across all platforms
and instrumentation

Quality and Value are not mutually exclusive. PSS provides the highest quality at the best price for all brands.


02. Compatibility

Compatible with all platforms

PSS Range is designed to work with all common applicators and instruments. Please consult which product matches your existing system.


03. Take a closer look

PSS Urology PreCise Ultrathin
UltraThin™ Bladder Loop Electrode

Refined Technology for Bipolar Plasma Resection is a step up from existing electrodes. We discuss the advantages over other electrodes in detail.

HEMI™ Vaporization Electrode

The large surface area of the Hemi Vaporization Electrode ablates more tissue with each pass. V-shaped design offers better visibility and more efficient vaporization.

SuperNoMA™ Band Electrode

SuperNoMA offers improved conductivity with its unique one-piece design. Take a closer look at how the SuperNoMA makes a difference.


Change over to PSS


PSS electrodes have been validated to be compatible with generators and the three-leading bipolar resectoscopes from Olympus®, KARL STORZ® and Richard Wolf®.

Optimized Range

All we do is electrodes. Our focused research and development optimized the design of our electrodes to enhance cutting efficiency and provide unmatched durability and reliability. The result is the new gold standard in electrode tip configurations, standardized across all three major platforms.

Savings Assured

Lower costs with clinically proven, high quality electrodes. PSS Electrodes provide the highest value of any electrodes on the market. This new gold standard combined with assured savings of 20 – 40% over any other brand ensures savings on electrodes at levels that will impact the ROI of bipolar procedures.


04. Contact

PSS Urology Inc.
11616 E. Montgomery, Suite 15
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

[email protected]


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