Designed to Quickly and Effectively Treat All Types of Stones 

Ideal for Dusting or Fragmenting Even the Hardest Stones 

Unlimited protocol settings from 0.2j for the smallest stones to an unparalleled 6.0j for fragmentation of larger stones. Longer pulses in Dusting Mode minimizes stone migration and reduces laser fiber burn back.

Optimized for Performance

Unparalleled maximum of 8 joules of output energy from a COMPACT laser rivals performance of any Ho:YAG laser.

Safety, Clinical Efficacy & Predictable Outcomes
  • Shorter pulses for effective fragmentation of calculi
  • Longer pulses for durable hemostasis
  • Green (532nm) aiming beam for enhanced visibility
  • Holmium’s excellent water absorption minimizes penetration depth
  • Longer pulses in Dusting Mode minimizes retropulsion & risk

Short Pulse Fragmentation

Long Pulse Dusting

Long Pulse

Better Return on Investment
  • Maximize your investment with wide range of fibers and approved clinical procedures including lithotripsy, open & endoscopic surgery, structures, tumours, general surgery
  • Stone “dusting” may lead to a reduction in operative time and overall procedure cost
  • Economically priced with the performance of a full sized system
  • 200, 272, 365, 550, 800 & 1000 µm single use & re-usable fibers
Innovative Design & Ease of Use

An intuitive GUI, unlimited protocols, advanced patient database and internal videos & photos enhance the efficiency of operation. Optional cart to enhance mobility and access.

Hypho Compact Holmium Laser, machine, medical equipment

The High Performance COMPACT Holmium Laser Intelligent Design, Optimized Performance

Technical Specifications

Laser Type: Holmium YAG
Wavelength: 2100nm
Energy: 0.2 to 6.0j
Pulse Rate: 3 – 30 Hz
Pulse Duration: 95 – 1900 µs
Power: 35W/272µm, 30W/200µm
Aiming Beam: < 5mW, 532 GREEN
Electrical: 100 – 230 VAC, 15/20A 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Dimensions: 50(w) x 54(h) x 40(d) cm
Weight: < 53 kg

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  • Compact & Portable
  • Advanced Patient Database
  • Unlimited Protocols
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Remote Software Uploads